Attention Los Angeles fans: venerable rock station KROQ is advertising a “new music” giveaway this weekend that claims to offer copies of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb — see their site for call-in details. We find it extremely unlikely that you’d be getting your copy anytime soon — it would probably be mailed to you on day-of-release — but frankly, we’ve got no idea. So if any LA fans want to try to find out the scoop from KROQ and get back to us, we’d be quite appreciative. (Update: Reader Steve S. checked with KROQ and was told that KROQ will be getting the album early, and will be giving them away early as part of this weekend’s giveaway — they just don’t know when they’ll actually have them in hand. So go ahead, call away this weekend! Thanks a lot, Steve.)

Also — English music show Top Of The Pops will air the “Vertigo” video tonight at 7:30 PM GMT (two hours from now). Thanks to roeli for the heads-up in the comments.