Ticketmaster and U2.com info clash

U2.com sent out another e-mail to their members earlier today in which they state the following:

“As a U2.Com subscriber you can use your unique code sent in our earlier email to buy four tickets for shows in ONE of the following countries – Ireland, France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Portugal.”

… so, if your country happens to have more concerts than one (France and Germany for example), you can supposedly buy 2 tickets for the one gig now and 2 for another within the same country when they go on sale. (Paris / Nice. Gelsenkirchen / Munich) Or can you?

In the same e-mail, the advice from Ticketmaster states:

You can only purchase up to 4 tickets for a single show of your choice.

Poor communication has been the main reason for the current confusion and uproar over U2 ticket sales. So much heartache could have been prevented and could still be prevented if only the information was loud and clear. Whoever’s in charge of this, it’s time shift professional gears. The days of the Dandelion Market have long gone.

And for those of you buying tickets today: we think it’s best to stick to Ticketmaster’s advice.

Gordon Brown finer temptress 1)

From The Guardian:

It also gave Mr Brown (Gordon Brown, the British Chancellor. Ed.) the chance to have a love-in with Bono. The two men hugged (in private) to celebrate their success. […]

I had thought my son John would grow up listening to your music,” [Brown] gushed. “I now know he’ll grow up reading your speeches.

And that’s a compliment, how?

1) Headline inspiration: The Stranglers

Ticketmaster: “Only one booking per tour”

U2 fans ready for today’s start of general ticket sales take note! Ticketmaster.co.uk’s concert info for the Vertigo tour gigs now includes a warning:

You are strictly only allowed to make
one booking for this tour. There is a limit of 4 tickets per
and because you can only make one booking, you can only
book for one venue
. Therefore you will be unable to book for
more than one venue and unable to book for more than 4 tickets
at your chosen venue. Multiple bookings will be cancelled
without notification

Strong measures, perhaps intended to prevent ticket scalping. However, it’s not just the touts who’ll feel the pain.

Many of U2’s hardcore fans, including the editors of U2log.com, are used to traveling widely to see the band perform. English fans might want to see in London and then go to Dublin to experience the show in the band’s hometown. Dutch fans might choose to see gigs in Germany and Belgium, etc., etc.

Ticketmaster’s unprecedented rule, apparently on request of the tour promoters (and ultimately, the band?), means the band’s hardcore fanbase are now actively being hindered from doing what they like to do best: support the band on tour. After this week’s pre-sale debacle, it’s like rubbing salt into fresh wounds.

U2.com, however, do seem to have a cunning plan to fix up those fans who missed out on GA tickets during pre-sales, as fellow fansite atU2.com reports. ETS customers are advised to read the letter ETS issued today (jpg file).