How to empty a U2 fan’s pocketbook

U2 are offering a variety of t-shirt designs at their Vertigo 05 shows for fans to spend their hard-earned dollars on. The t-shirts, priced at $35, are 100% combed cotton and produced by American Apparel, a company that bills itself as a “sweatshop-free” business.

Several classic design t-shirts (i.e., U2 concert t-shirts from the past) are available at the ridiculous price of $80. If we see you wearing one of the classic design t-shirts, we are going to ask you to give us a dollar.

Also available to purchase: a baseball hat that is going to make people think you work at Target ($25); buttons ($2); several posters ($10-$15); tour program ($20); a hooded sweatshirt ($65); and a “V” key chain ($10).

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Carry the card with you at all times

Concert ticket, money, and ID. Most people would agree that these are essential items to bring with you to a concert. For a U2 concert, you might consider packing one more “essential” item in your pocket: your membership card.

Fans in today’s San Diego general admission line laughed when venue security asked them to present their membership card so they could form a line that will allow them access into the venue before others.


Before the opening show in San Diego on Monday, two general admission lines were formed — one for fans who purchased their tickets from the pre-sale and one for fans who purchased their tickets during the public on-sale date. The fans who had purchased their tickets from the pre-sale were screened in slight advance of the other ticket holders on Monday. (Think a 10-second advantage in a race.) Because there was no pre-sale for tonight’s show, there are no tickets — so someone (U2’s management? venue management?) decided that they needed another way to separate and screen general admission ticket holders. The brilliant idea? Have fans present their membership card!

Fans in the general admission line quickly pointed out to security how ridiculous it is to expect that fans carry their membership cards at all times, and the idea was quickly thrown out. The last we heard from our person on the scene, there was one long general admission line.

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