Waiter ‘rants’ about Larry Mullen

A New York waiter mentions Larry Mullen on his blog ‘Waiter Rant‘.

Nothing but good about the drummer, he’s characterised as ‘unassuming, polite and a good tipper’.

Staff at this waiter’s bistro are under strict policy to treat celebs as everyone else. Weblogger Waiter can’t help but think the policy is a ‘pain in the ass’ sometimes, as he and his co-worker are ‘HUGE U2 fans’:

“So the next time Larry comes in can we ask him to get Bono to front us a loan?” Arlene asks mischievously.

“Be nice.” I agree


“If we were a Third World country.”.

“I’ll settle for tickets.” Arlene says.

“Me too.”

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