Bono in gaming company bidding war

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that Elevation Partners (in their first public investment) are acquiring Eidos (‘Tomb Raider’) for $135 million in cash but according to it’s not a done deal just yet. Eidos is involved in a bidding war and Bono’s Elevation Partners have been outbid by SCI entertainment (‘Carmageddon’, ‘Constantine the Game’), who offered $145 million to the ailing gaming company.

Which is all extremely interesting if you’re into venture capital and buyouts, but perhaps U2 fans would prefer to read what an Eidos employee thinks of running into Bono at work.

Meanwhile in Canada, other people bump into the singer in Toys’r’Us on St Patrick’s Day where he apparently spent time in the gaming section. We reckon Bono grabbed himself a copy of SCI’s Carmageddon, to check out the competition.