Ready for lift off? Vertigo is go!


{ San Diego Arena, 28/5 }

With a handful of associates on scene in San Diego to witness the opening show of the 2005 Vertigo tour, we are ready for the push. How about you? readers can help us cover the tour. You can mail your tour stories and photos to:

Or post at, the companion site to the book ‘U2 live – A Concert Documentary‘ where we’ve set up pages for all the shows on the tour. You’ll find links to the last four shows on our homepage, just underneath the main three articles.

If you will be using your cameraphone at the shows and know how to e-mail pictures from your phone, we have a special e-mail address for you. Drop us a line for the details.

Have a great time at the gigs and on the road, be nice to our editors and tell Promo Bono we love him.