Your Ticket to a Good Time

The unfortunate stories of fans being scammed by ticket brokers in Boston and unauthorized agencies like not providing tickets as promised provide us with a reason to remind you to use U2’s official travel and tour operator, ETS, to purchase your Vertigo Tour packages. ETS is a reputable ticket and travel provider that has been working with U2 since the Joshua Tree Tour. has partnered with ETS for the Vertigo Tour, having first worked successfully with the company during the Elevation Tour. The staff have personally used ETS’ services on past and present tours and can recommend the company fully. We endorse ETS because we like the dedicated staff and how they deliver what they promise: your tickets and satisfaction.

ETS excels in providing customer service; their number one concern is ensuring that you, the fan, have an enjoyable concert experience. They achieve customer satisfaction by employing staff who are music fans themselves and who know what fans expect for their money.

In our opinion, ETS’ Nite Out packages — which includes a pre-concert party, a concert ticket, and transportation to/from the concert — are an unbeatable deal at $160 (for a package with a general admission ticket). If you weren’t lucky enough to score a general admission ticket to a particular show during a pre-sale or on-sale date, you might be looking at what ticket brokers are asking for a general admission ticket. It’s more than $160 — so much more, in fact. When you purchase through ETS, you don’t have to worry about the tickets being legitimate like you might if you purchased through a broker. ETS’ tickets are 100% legitimate; they obtain their tickets directly from the U2 organization.

Perhaps general admission isn’t your thing. No problem. ETS has you covered. Because ETS is the official travel and tour operator, it has the rights to some of the best seats in the house. Again, if you compare what brokers are asking for seated tickets now, you have to shake your head and agree ETS’ prices are reasonable.

A word about ETS’ pre-concert parties: fun. The parties include food, entertainment (often performances by U2 tribute bands), prizes, and sometimes special guests. In Vancouver, the special guest came in the form of BP Fallon, who entertained ETS customers with his personal stories about U2. You’ll have to ask someone who attended the Vancouver Nite Out party what Fallon’s answer was to “Who is your favorite member of U2?”

Prizes distributed at ETS’ Nite Out parties have included U2 posters, t-shirts, CDs, and prints of concert photos by Otto Kitsinger and’s Ruth Barohn. continuely communicates with ETS about its ability to provide our readers with Vertigo Tour packages. Our contacts tell us that they still have plenty of great packages available for the European leg and the fall North American leg of the tour — the sold-out tour, that is. So, if you’ve been bumming because you weren’t able to get tickets, you still have a safe and affordable means to attend those shows: ETS.

We at are such fans of ETS, we are willing to answer any questions you might have about their packages and services. If you have a question, use our contact form to get your answer.