News from the Cardiff front founder editor ‘Hoppy’ is currently queueing in Cardiff where he says about 100 fans had gathered by noon GMT. Local organisation is, in his words, ‘slack’.

Around 4pm fans are upset when half of the original queue sprints towards a second line at an adjacent gate (which local security suddenly decided to create) in an attempt to secure a better position. Gates open at 5pm followed by what was described to us as an ‘effing dangerous stampede’.

Fans, take note, the bomb shelter is quite large. If you’re among the first 500 or so queuing up, you’ll be more or less guaranteed a good view. For those of you who absolutely need a barrier spot, be sure to be among the first 150. B-stage spots are popular, but the band spend a lot more time on the main stage — so you can always consider going for front stage.

Will Bono attempt a Welsh countdown tonight? Will U2 manage to continue their winning streak? We’ll try to keep you posted, but mobile contact is currently a little sketchy.