Berlin awaits Vertigo

U2 are scheduled to play the Olympia Stadium in Berlin tonight. Our editor ~E is currently in the GA pitch queue at the stadium. There is speculation among fans in line that in light of the terrorist attacks in London, the concert may be cancelled. Please note that these are as yet unfounded rumours. The concert is going ahead as planned.

Our thoughts are with our friends, family and readers in the U.K. and London in particular.

Update 4pm: The band reportedly soundchecked a long time, but it is unclear whether Bono was present. There is speculation that he may be stuck in the U.K. Fans have been let into the stadium for a rough, mad dash for the front pit.

Update 5.30pm: So far the show feels like any other show and the rumours regarding a possible cancellation seem unfounded. The main worry in Berlin right now seems to be the rain.

Kaiser Chiefs
(Kaiser Chiefs supporting U2 in Berlin) is reporting live from the stadium. On their forum, fans report there are still plenty of tickets available at the Box office. Touts are flogging their GA tickets for 10 Euro.