Berlin picture set by ~E

I’ve just uploaded my pictures from Berlin, which I thought you might enjoy. A very awkward concert, with the news of the London bombings ringing in our ears. A beautiful setting, with a very strong history as well as Very moderate organisation, some rain, and very slippery and dangerous steps onto the pitch. Also the first concert I have attended where security actually told us to run onto the pitch.

For me it was the first time with a new camera; a birthday gift to myself. I have only used it at this show so far, but am liking it a lot. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

This set of pictures taken in Berlin includes images of Bono having his shoes changed, picking up a banner, which read “Solidarity” and draping it over one of the monitors, but also of him choosing a girl in a Ramones shirt to join him on the stage (and he actually spotted her as soon as he came onto the stage).

I’ll try to get some more images and words together in the next couple of days and at the next couple of shows, before I return to the real world.