Bono is ‘just sweaty enough’ for Norwegian girl

Pernille Jørgensen from Halden [Norway, near Swedish border] talks to about the experience she calls ‘the best two minutes of her life’, dancing with Bono on stage. Says the 18 year old:
‘Bono smelt like a real man. Not manly sweat, but just sweaty enough, good and proper male perfume.’

Pernille says she got eye contact with Bono while she sung, pointed and screamed during All I Want is You. Did Bono say anything to her while she was on stage?

‘Don’t speak, is the only thing I remember that he said to me…’

Pernille, who has been a fan for 5 years and queued for 10 hours, didn’t dare look at the audience in front of her. She concentrated on Bono instead, but:

‘…that was almost just as scary. But then he put his head on my shoulder and I felt very safe.’

Someone should bottle that manly sweat and sell it. Perhaps Sweden’s Prime Minister could do with a whiff: Göran Persson has no plans to invite Bono for a meeting, according to Aftonbladet. Says Bono: ‘Bondevik obviously has better taste than Sweden’s Prime Minister.’

Read on for further Swedish press reports.

Dubliners pub in Gothenburg hope to hold after-party tomorrow
“… U2 always come here when they play in town… They were here earlier this year and moistened their whistles at the Dubliner, which is just a stones throw from the Elite Plaza hotel. They visited the pub two years ago, when the band landed in town the day before playing Copenhagen. Members of U2’s crew were here already wednesday evening. Their manager Perry and the roadies were her. When Bono is here he always orders a Guinness… They have never asked for a separate section of the pub, but like to sit and talk with people. Most people leave them in peace. They usually always go and check who is playing and listen a while. Last time they were here the Edge got up and played a little with the band…”

Dining at Sjömagasinet fish restaurant
“U2 have been spotted in animated conversation eating at Sjömagasinet fish restaurant in Gothenburg. Starters: raw salmon, fresh shrimps, whitefish roe. Main: cod with fresh chanterelle mushrooms. Dessert: homemade icecream with wild strawberries. Drinks: white wine and water.”

Meeting fans outside the hotel
“By 10 am this morning the first hopeful fans had begun to gather outside the hotel. Around 2pm Bono, dressed in a lilac shirt, cowboy hat and patent sunglasses, and the Edge, all in black, came out and greeted the hundred or so fans outside the hotel. Both took their time to sign autographs and talk with fans. “People in Sweden are tremendously polite and warm”, stated Bono… What are you going to do on your free day? “First we’re gonna find something to eat, then see where the day takes us”, said Bono. “We always have a really nice time in Sweden, it always feels special to come her”, said the Edge.
Bono and Edge then left in the same car, for the Sjømagasin restaurant. Shortly after, Adam came out and even he took time to talk with fans and sign autographs. “Wonderful to be back in Sweden” he said before disappeared in a waiting car. Larry appeared for a moment and greeted fans before he too left.”

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