Bono’s got Yahweh on speed dial

Swedish press coverage of U2’s visit continues with this brief interview with the LV who says the city of Gothenburg’s speshul.

Via Aftonbladet reporter Ronnie Sandahl Bono promises fans wont be disappointed tonight. He has first-hand information:

“I phoned God. He said everything’s ok. We love being here. Gothenburg is always very special. It’s great to be

How will you prepare yourself for the concert at Ullevi?

“I meditate for 7 hours. Then I take a boxing match with [John, his bodyguard.] I usually let him win. I’ve phoned my family and ask them to forgive all the stupid things I’ve said and done. More? I’ve phoned God. He said everything’s ok.”

But it looks like B’s been dining with the devil again.

Minister looks forward to meeting Bono stick to politics. They say Bono has invited the Swedish minister of Foreign Aid for talks on poverty in Africa.

Carin Jamtin has accepted the invitation, confirms her spokeswoman. Bono contacted the Minister of Foreign Aid on Monday, for a private meeting in Gothenburg today. “A representative from DATA phoned us on behalf of Bono and invited Carin to the concert. They also invited Carin to a meeting with Bono before the concert. Carin is very happy, and is looking forward to meeting Bono” confirms her spokeswoman, Matilda Hult who adds: “We are going to discuss Bono’s engagement for our questions. The fight against poverty, and how to give more money in aid in general”.

Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson turned Bono down. He is in Skåne to mark the 100th centennial of Dag Hammarskjöld (ex-Secretary General of the U.N.) The PM is aware that Carin will meet Bono, and she will be representing the Swedish government, according to Persson’s press secretary.

Should we talk about the weather?

Aftonbladet managed to get hold of The Edge:

“The people are warm and good looking here in Sweden. I’m really looking forward to playing. It feels like 25 degrees in the air. Looks like it’ll rain soon. It feels good.”

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