Bono’s got Yahweh on speed dial

Swedish press coverage of U2’s visit continues with this brief interview with the LV who says the city of Gothenburg’s speshul.

Via Aftonbladet reporter Ronnie Sandahl Bono promises fans wont be disappointed tonight. He has first-hand information:

“I phoned God. He said everything’s ok. We love being here. Gothenburg is always very special. It’s great to be

How will you prepare yourself for the concert at Ullevi?

“I meditate for 7 hours. Then I take a boxing match with [John, his bodyguard.] I usually let him win. I’ve phoned my family and ask them to forgive all the stupid things I’ve said and done. More? I’ve phoned God. He said everything’s ok.”

But it looks like B’s been dining with the devil again.

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Bono: ‘A great day for Northern Ireland’

Bono has given a reaction to today’s historic IRA statement announcing an end to its armed campaign.

The IRA said its members have been instructed to assist the development of purely political and democratic programmes through exclusively peaceful means. All armed units are to dump arms.

Outside Sjömagasinet restaurant in Gothenburg today a journalist showed Bono a photocopy of the news. After a long moment of reflection Bono commented:

“This requires great courage and compromise. This has been a long struggle and many people have suffered great losses. This is a great day for Northern Ireland.”

In the U.K., Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was a “step of unparalleled magnitude”.

U2 spent their time off in Sweden taking a tour along the Göta river in a 20m yacht. Together with the boat’s owner, Leif Mannerström, celebrity retauranteur at Sjømagasinet (‘Sveriges mest eksklusive fiskerestaurant’!), Bono sipped champagne and checked out downtown Gothenburg.

Image: Bono reading statement

Many thanks to our friend in Stavanger for research and translations.

Adam Clayton ‘wouldn’t curl up and die…’

In between champagne lunches and trips on the river, U2’s bassplayer found time to do an interview with Göteborgs-Posten, which we have had translated for your convenience:

Adam Clayton stands for the simple things in U2

U2’s charismatic bass player talks about the tour, friendship, fulfilled dreams and a future without the band.

If we go back in time, you were the one in the band who first believed that you really would be able to succeed. Where did that self-confidence come from?
‘Pure youthfull foolhardiness. Quite simply I didn’t know any better. But I didn’t have much else on, so I had as it were, nothing to lose in putting all my energy into the band.’

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