Bono is ‘just sweaty enough’ for Norwegian girl

Pernille Jørgensen from Halden [Norway, near Swedish border] talks to about the experience she calls ‘the best two minutes of her life’, dancing with Bono on stage. Says the 18 year old:
‘Bono smelt like a real man. Not manly sweat, but just sweaty enough, good and proper male perfume.’

Pernille says she got eye contact with Bono while she sung, pointed and screamed during All I Want is You. Did Bono say anything to her while she was on stage?

‘Don’t speak, is the only thing I remember that he said to me…’

Pernille, who has been a fan for 5 years and queued for 10 hours, didn’t dare look at the audience in front of her. She concentrated on Bono instead, but:

‘…that was almost just as scary. But then he put his head on my shoulder and I felt very safe.’

Someone should bottle that manly sweat and sell it. Perhaps Sweden’s Prime Minister could do with a whiff: Göran Persson has no plans to invite Bono for a meeting, according to Aftonbladet. Says Bono: ‘Bondevik obviously has better taste than Sweden’s Prime Minister.’

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Swedish press on U2’s arrival in Gothenburg

Swedish ‘Expressen’ features Bono signing autographs in Gothenburg shortly after the band’s arrival at their hotel in the city centre. The newspaper had put up a banner that said ‘Welcome to Gothenburg U2’. Bono, evidently fatigued after the show in Oslo, looked a little tired but he said ‘hey, that’s nice’ when confronted with the banner and he was the only one to stop for autographs.

The paper also claims the band will be signing ‘specially designed’ mp3-players (that would be the U2 iPod then?) in a shop in Avenyn during their Gothenburg stay. The Expressen has provided a handy infographic about the concert.

Goteborgs-Posten reports that ‘U2 are in town.’ After landing at Landvetter airport at 00:50, U2 had a police escort (a caravan of 15 cars, although another papers says it was 3 mini vans) to the hotel, then went straight to a local pub called ‘the Dubliners’.

Aftonbladet travelled to Norway to preview the concert there and come to the conclusion that U2’s concerts are uplifting and on the same epic level as Bruce Springsteen and, um, Håkan Hellström. And what did they think of it song by song? Find out.

… looks like Swedish fans are planning a ‘white wave‘ during the show.