Find what you want in Pras’ U2 cover

Rapper Pras has set up a website for his new cover of U2’s ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’, retitled for those with shorter attention spans, just ‘Haven’t found’.

Go to: to view and ‘interact with’ (in other words ‘be subjected to advertising using new Pokeware technology’) the video for the song which will be on the album Win, Lose or Draw.

Bono apparently greenlighted Pras’ ‘crazy’ idea himself.

Fans at start U2 podcast has created a U2 related podcast called the ‘U2 Chatcast’.

In these podcasts (what is a podcast?) you can listen to discussions between some well known and opinionated U2 fans. The first U2 Chatcast has just been made available and it features Matt from, Michael from and’s own Dan Eliot.

To subscribe to the show and listen to it on your mp3 player, add the rss feed below to your favourite podcasting client:

Or just go to the show’s page to download the mp3.

‘Podcasting’ is making audio files (most commonly in MP3 format) available online in a way that allows software to automatically download the files for listening at the user’s convenience.