Mr B went to Washington

Fourteen. That’s how many pages the New York Times needs to cover ‘singer and global advocate’ Bono’s ongoing campaign to combat poverty and AIDS.

The article, written by James Traub and appearing in NYT’s September 18 edition, reads like a who is who of modern politics. It’s not particularly rock and roll, but someone’s gotta do it, right?

Every summit every city gets a mention, presidents, chancellors, campaigners, celebrities and occasional band members pass the revue. But trust an actor to come away with the best quote. George Clooney explains why he and other celebrities follow where Bono leads:

‘He calls on everyone to be their best. If you fall short, you feel embarrassed. That’s a unique thing. And we all want to be that person.’

Traub follows Bono from the World Economic Forum in Davos in January, right up to recent weeks when Bono tells the journalist he’ll keep ‘a low profile’ as this is not the time to make demands on America’s funds.

No doubt the band will be somewhat pleased to hear that, just in time for the third leg of the tour at that. Says Adam:

‘The band has survived, but there’s been a price in terms of relationships.’

If you have questions for Bono on world poverty and the U.N. summit in New York this week, the New York Times invites you to send them in.