Bono tells Australia: ‘We’re coming back.’

Bono has announced that the band are likely to return to Australia in November.

“There was a lot of distress and angst and (the) good news is… I can announce tonight we are coming back, looks like November and that’s a great relief for me.”

Bono couldn’t go into details as to why the tour was postponed, but he did comment:

“Our music does come out of (a) very tight community and so if one of us is going through it we’re all going through it. He will be at the other side of it …. and god willing it will be a very positive outcome. We’ve all been through different ups and downs, and you’ve got to give yourself freedom within a band … to get out of each other’s way as well as to get in somebody’s face at the right time. Sometimes you have to know when not to. This is one of those moments.”

Bono told the news to Enough Rope presenter Andrew Denton on ABC Australia on Monday night.

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