U2’s Gloria in Conservative Top 50

America’s National Review has published a list of the 50 Conservative Rock Songs of All Time. The list contains some surprising choices such as The Who, at number one with Won’t Get Fooled Again. It’s the theme song for ‘disillusioned revolutionists’ according to the John Miller, author of the article.

Miller, a political reporter for the magazine, told The New York Times: “Any claim that rock is fundamentally revolutionary is just kind of silly.”

And so we find U2’s Gloria at number 6 in the chart, on the basis of its faith and its ‘reactionary’ Latin chorus.

Drummer in the City


New York loves U2, and U2 love New York. A Bono sighting in the Big Apple is a rather common occurrence these days. An Edge or Adam Clayton sighting isn’t completely unheard of either. A Larry Mullen sighting, however, is a rare thing because, despite his pretty-boy looks, Larry has the magical ability to move among common-looking people without getting noticed often — which is why we took note of a sighting of the U2 drummer in the city posted at Gawker.com. We can only imagine what Larry was doing in Soho (uhh…shopping?), but we do suspect that he noted the large photo of his friend Bono in the window of the Morrison Hotel Gallery on Prince Street, where there is an exhibition of rock photography by Neal Preston taking place through June 2nd.