U2’s ‘walking man’ artist lights up O’Connell Street

Julian Opie, creator of the ‘walking man’ animation shown on the screens during U2’s last tour, has created a series of sculptures entitled ‘Julian Opie Walking Down O’Connell Street’. It comprises of five animated LED installations placed down O’Connell Street and on Parnell Square outside the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art (better known as ‘Hugh Lane‘), in celebration of the Gallery’s centenary.

Officially, the exhibition will run from January 20th (but were installed last night) and will remain on Dublin’s main street until November 8th.

Take your best shot…

… and send it to Matt McGee.

As you all know Matt runs atU2.com. Over the past few months he’s been busy writing his book ‘U2 – A Diary’ and he’s just handed in his manuscript – we know how that feels!. He’s now looking for pictures to illustrate the book. You’ll find all the details on his book blog. But he’s looking for the following in particular:

  • The “fan displays” at the Vertigo Tour gigs.
  • Photos of Bono changing his shoes during “I Will Follow” at the July 7, 2005, show in Berlin.
  • Photos of the PopMart Lemon getting stuck in Oslo, August 1997.
  • Photos of U2 fans in line at Point Depot for tickets, November 1989.

Think you can help?

Meet the U23D film editor

Olivier Wicki, editor of U23D, talks to U2 Swiss Home, about his involvement in the movie and some of the technical aspects of shooting and editing 3D film.

So the film is going to be a mix of footage from a number of different locations?
Yes 5 countries.
Does this cause any problems with the editing?
Well! Well! Well! As the viewer you are going to be immersed in a 3D experience so fantastic that you will forget about any discontinuity. So let me know if you see any!

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