‘Radiohead courageous’, says Bono

Bono – exercising some damage control – has written to the NME to say he thinks ‘Radiohead were courageous for ‘In Rainbows’ release’ in response to Paul McGuinness’ earlier comments regarding Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ pay-what-you-like release. McGuinness, who controversially believes ISP’s facilitate music pirating and are thus robbing artists, had claimed the experiment was a failure and U2 wouldn’t be following their example. Bono writes he disagrees with his manager, and says Radiohead are ‘courageous and imaginative in trying to figure out some new relationship with their audience.’ An example U2 hopefully will follow. Perhaps they could pick Trent Reznor’s brain.

The full letter will appear in today’s edition of the printed version of the NME.

‘Shooting Peacocks up the arse’, vintage interview surfaces

Debbi Voisey of U2 fanzine “The Real Thing” has donated a phone interview given by Bono (Chicago, June 26th, 1997 on the first leg of the Popmart tour) to the U2 interview archive. This must have been one of the last fanzine interviews U2 have done, although I’m sure someone will correct me on that.

You can read her own introduction to the interview on her blog and listen to the interview on U2source.com.