Daily U2 News Digest for 2008-12-31

generic (feed #9) 4:01am U2 3D soon showing in Malta – Malta Independent Online
generic (feed #9) 6:35am U2 Penning Spider Man Tunes? – antiMUSIC.com
generic (feed #9) 7:01am Visit our U2 mini-site – and see a video of our cover shoot – Q4Music
generic (feed #9) 7:17am U2 – WORLD MUSIC STARS GET VOCAL FOR BONO'S ONLINE MAGAZINE – Contactmusic.com
generic (feed #9) 10:59am Brad Frenette: Hello, 2009! U2, Mad Men, Doves, Divisidero The … – National Post
generic (feed #9) 1:03pm @U2 QOM December 2008: If you could give one gift to U2 this … – @U2

I don’t mean to bug ya

So yeah, we’re all new here. We promised we’d do something about our slacking and by golly, we have. Hopefully, the way we’ve set things up, there will always be something new for you to read and to click on at u2log.com.

It’s not all bright and shiny, yet. We have bugs. Some of them out of our control, due to our reliance on 3rd party plug ins and what not. We’re on it, we’ll fix it if we can, when we can.

The lull is over, 2009 is going to be a U2-filled year. We hope you’ll join us here on our site, and will share your thoughts, your joy, your gripes, your photos and your video’s with us.

From all of us at U2log.com, see you on the other side!
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Daily U2 News Digest for 2008-12-30

generic (feed #9) 7:20pm U2's Drummer Speaks Out Against Bono's Political Inclinations – Cleveland Leader
generic (feed #9) 7:57pm U2 reveal all about Spiderman Musical – Q4Music
generic (feed #9) 11:53pm U2's new world – MyParkMag
delicious (feed #6) 1:53am Bookmarked a link on Delicious.

generic (feed #9) 3:19am Bono's 'friends' make U2 drummer cringe – Windsor Star
generic (feed #9) 1:27pm U2’s ‘No Line On The Horizon’ Due In Multiple Formats – Pop Culture Zoo
generic (feed #9) 1:27pm Fakefest for New Year's Eve – Los Angeles Times
generic (feed #9) 2:32pm 'The Boss’ and U2 will help ring in the New Year with new CDs – Fort Worth Star Telegram
generic (feed #4) 6:34pm Posted an item

Daily U2 News Digest for 2008-12-29

generic (feed #9) 8:11pm U2 drummer’s Bono rant – Sowetan
generic (feed #9) 8:54pm Five Different Versions for the New Album from U2 “No Line on the … – Softpedia
generic (feed #9) 10:55pm Bono makes U2 drummer ‘cringe’ – First Post
generic (feed #9) 11:00pm The return of U2 – U2 France
generic (feed #9) 3:03am U2 on the Horizon – Examiner.com
generic (feed #9) 5:06am U2 Drummer Splits With Bono – Anorak.co.uk (satire)
generic (feed #9) 5:56am U2 Frontman Bono Palms Over $100 Million – Post Chronicle
generic (feed #9) 9:00am U2 drummer: 'Bono makes me cringe' – Digital Spy
generic (feed #9) 2:20pm U2's Drummer Speaks Out Against Bono's Political Inclinations – Cleveland Leader
generic (feed #9) 2:57pm U2 reveal all about Spiderman Musical – Q4Music
generic (feed #9) 6:53pm U2's new world – MyParkMag

A blast from the past

We at U2log.com are once again excited to bring our readers some goodies to keep you company through the holiday season and into the new year.

This year we are happy to share with you a rare gem from our 1/4″ reel tape vault; radio ads announcing the upcoming release of Achtung Baby. One cannot help but to wonder what the media onslaught will look like next year as the boys get ready for the release of the next album.

This download (bittorrent) will be available for a limited time only.

Happy Holidays!