‘Brian Eno would like to talk about this’

Gavin and U2's whiteboard

New on U2.com (subscribers only), a video of Gavin Friday explaining what the symbols on U2’s whiteboard mean. Friday, as U2 fans will know, is the band’s preferred ‘midwife’, and helped deliver U2’s new baby via caesarian.

We’re amused by the note on ‘Moment of Surrender’ at the top of the board. It reads ‘Brian would like to talk about this’. From what we’ve heard, Eno – not a fan of brevity, perhaps – fought for a 9-minute version of the mix, instead of the 7’12” version the band preferred. That might be what the note referred to.

Here’s a list of what’s written on the board, as deciphered by the U2FL blog:

1. No Line on the Horizon / 4:11 / Finished / Cenzo Mix – The Biz!
2. Get on Your Boots / 3:25 / Nearly finished / A few touches up on new Dec mix
3. Moment of Surrender / 7:12 / Nearly finished (Brian would like to talk about this.) / Bono- Vox > End? Edge – Piano Bass is eating up song? 3rd verse Eno idea
4. Unknown Caller / 6:06 / Finished / Great Just need [más cosas escritas]
5. Magnificent / 5:44 / Nearly finished / New Eno Version – Mix Debate [más cosas escritas]
6. Stand Up (Comedy) / ?:?? / Finished / Steve Mix Poss. tweaks [más cosas escritas]
7. Every Breaking Wave / 4:13 / Priority to finish / Vocals TBC – Possible drums [más cosas escritas]
8. Breathe / 4:42 / Second in priority / Bono – Vox > The ‘Dec’ Mix debate
9. Crazy Tonight / 4:16 / Priority to finish / Vocals – TBC New gtrs to be added. [más cosas escritas]
10. ?orn (Prov.) / 5:58 / Nearly finished / Intro to be decided on? New Eno Edits + treatment
11. Cedars of Lebanon / ?:?? / Finished / * Extended edit debate Needs approval?

Whether this list is what the album’s final tracklisting is going to look like remains to be seen. From what I recall, this footage was shot some time during the last week of November and the first week of December.