Daily U2 News Digest for 2009-02-20

delicious (feed #6) 8:08pm John Waters in the Irish Times: " This album may be the most hopeful thing you will hear all year."
delicious (feed #6) 10:14pm Brian Eno: The well of freedom is running dry
delicious (feed #6) 1:46am Will U2 be the saviours of the music industry?
delicious (feed #6) 1:49am U2’s new album ‘No Line on the Horizon’ will premiere on MySpace Music on Friday
delicious (feed #6) 3:16am NLOTH advertising posters in Berlin
delicious (feed #6) 3:43am Universal Australia at fault for U2 track release blunder
delicious (feed #6) 3:43am Look who leaked U2’s new album – web – Technology – smh.com.au
delicious (feed #6) 4:31am U2 spring a leak: Band’s twelfth album apparently posted online by Australian record label
delicious (feed #6) 4:50am Exclusive: Listen to the new U2 album before anyone else (The Guardian)
delicious (feed #6) 5:33am Photo: Coldplay, Bono, Gary Barlow and Brandon Flowers in a post-Brit ‘greatest encore ever
delicious (feed #6) 9:03am Coldplay Joined By The Killers And Bono For The Best Encore Ever (2 x VIDEO)
delicious (feed #6) 9:04am Bono’s $31 Million ‘Spider-Man’ Delays Rehearsals, Opening Date
delicious (feed #6) 10:33am Round up of rumoured U2 concert dates
delicious (feed #6) 10:51am Rolling Stone’s 5 star review of No Line on the Horizon
flickr (feed #3) 12:23pm Posted a photo on U2log.

No Line on the Horizon box set
delicious (feed #6) 12:50pm Upcoming U2 album all over P2P after band’s label screws up
delicious (feed #6) 12:51pm U2 and the Pirate Bay: Oh, the irony
delicious (feed #6) 12:52pm Hear U2’s new album today
delicious (feed #6) 12:56pm BBC: Can new album keep U2 on top?
delicious (feed #6) 12:58pm Spin magazine: With a boost from his rejuvenated mates, Bono rediscovers his calling.
delicious (feed #6) 3:52pm U2 No Line on the Horizon album leaked online by Pirate Bay