Daily U2 News Digest for 2009-02-23

delicious (feed #6) 7:49pm BBC rolls out the red carpet for U2
delicious (feed #6) 7:58pm Stills from Anton Corbijn’s film for NLOTH: "Linear"
youtube (feed #10) 12:29am Favorited a video on YouTube.

delicious (feed #6) 2:14am Le Figaro: U2, un groupe toujours au diapason
delicious (feed #6) 5:24am Irish Times reviewer and readers pissing on their own as usual
delicious (feed #6) 6:08am Irish Times offers 60-second previews of NLOTH tracks
delicious (feed #6) 6:35am Last.fm reponds to U2/Riaa/data accusation: "Techcrunch are full of shit"
flickr (feed #3) 6:37am Posted a photo on U2log.

U2's Last.fm stats
delicious (feed #6) 9:39am NME: The Superleague of Extraordinary Gentlemen
flickr (feed #3) 10:34am Posted a photo on U2log.

U2.com are preparing for their relaunch
delicious (feed #6) 11:51am Listen to the U2 interview at NRJ radio on U2france.com
delicious (feed #6) 12:58pm Video: Zane Lowe interviews U2 (UK only)
generic (feed #25) 2:43pm U2 Get on your boots (new single)