Daily U2 News Digest for 2009-02-26

delicious (feed #6) 8:06pm Video: Bono and Adam Clayton on BBC’s The Culture Show
delicious (feed #6) 11:03pm Hot Press interview: "There’s A Bono-Factory"
delicious (feed #6) 8:53am Q Magazine’s 5-star review: No Line on the Horizon is just possibly their best
delicious (feed #6) 8:54am Uncut magazine: Rock juggernaut’s 12th studio album is a grower
delicious (feed #6) 9:06am Absolute Radio U2 quiz: "I don’t think we’ve got a song called Golden Delicious"
delicious (feed #6) 9:11am Mojo: Exclusive Adam Clayton Q&A
delicious (feed #6) 9:11am How To Buy… U2
delicious (feed #6) 9:12am Mojo: Will Bono Haunt Me To The Grave?
delicious (feed #6) 9:13am Mojo: Blue Sky Thinking

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