Daily U2 News Digest for 2009-03-11

generic (feed #28) 7:24pm U2 in Chicago
delicious (feed #6) 8:51pm U2 3 Nights Live: Second Night summary
delicious (feed #6) 10:10pm All About Jazz: No Line on the Horizon review
delicious (feed #6) 11:22pm "U2 ‘confirms’ they’ll be following up No Line with a new album tentatively slated for the fall"
delicious (feed #6) 7:43am On the Charts: U2’s “No Line on the Horizon” Is Number One in 2009’s Biggest Week
delicious (feed #6) 9:55am CBS Radio in Boston will streaming U2’s promo show in Boston (link to stream)
delicious (feed #6) 10:46am Bono on the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger: "I haven’t really spent any time thinking about it"
delicious (feed #6) 10:51am U2 visits Chicago’s Metro
delicious (feed #6) 10:55am Photos: Boston.com’s U2 retrospective
delicious (feed #6) 11:10am ‘Intimate’ performance by U2 expected tonight
youtube (feed #10) 11:11am Favorited a video on YouTube.

delicious (feed #6) 11:49am Somerville Blog: photo blogging from across the road of U2’s promo show in Boston
delicious (feed #6) 1:17pm Video – MyFoxBoston: U2 arrives, excitement builds