Daily U2 News Digest for June 30th

delicious (feed #6) 5:13pm Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen & Bono: great singing is about more than the notes
delicious (feed #6) 7:24pm Photo: U2 Merchandising stall in Camp Nou
delicious (feed #6) 7:52pm Photo: Aung San Suu kyi masks on seats in Camp Nou
delicious (feed #6) 8:53pm All of Adam’s video clips – U2.com > News > Countdown to 360
delicious (feed #6) 8:57pm U2tour.de brief audio broadcasts from the tour
delicious (feed #6) 11:50pm Reuters: U2 launch world tour in Barcelona on giant stage
delicious (feed #6) 12:26am Pro pictures of Barcelona opening night
delicious (feed #6) 12:27am Tons of videos from opening night in Barcelona