5 thoughts on “Video: Moscow Rocks

  1. I’m musing about getting a Red Zone ticket for the Melbourne gig. Anyone recommend it? It’s pricey, but I figure it’d be worth 3 days of work for!

  2. Here’s a scheme of the set. I’ve indicated in blue the best place outside of the RED zone to stand to get the same view as the RED zone people. Bonus: You’re not surrounded by drunk rich people in suits. In many cases, that area is still fairly empty right up until the start of the show.
    Another great place to stand is indicated in green. You have to arrive pretty early for that.
    Inside the GA pit you can get your view blocked by the bridges. The stage if quite high so you are looking up all the time and you are spinning around trying to follow the boys as they walk around. In my opinion, GA pit is only great if you are right up against the barrier in front of the stage.

  3. Cheers Caroline, I was looking at the green reserved seating just behind the red zone. Etihad is a pretty good stadium, even the last row on ground has a fantastic view, it’s built so you’re close to the ground. Wish me luck on Monday for the group 2 presale!

  4. Er, I meant blue zone. Matt Damon films, Bono charities… all these colours where there’re none to see are confusing me.

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