Bono and The Edge on 2DayFM radio (audio clips)

Bono and The Edge called into the Hamish & Andy show on Sydney’s 2DayFM radio on Wednesday (Sept 1st) promoting their upcoming Australian tour. The Edge can’t make his mind up re: big or small, Bono has a yin for brown bread, Edge was on his knees, his brother got electrocuted… or did he? Hilarity ensued.
Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

One thought on “Bono and The Edge on 2DayFM radio (audio clips)

  1. Nice interview, Bono and Reggie the Dog on fine form, really liked the harp version of Sunday Bloody Sunday. Did I hear correctly when the DJ referred to ‘Breathe’ as the next single at the end of the first part? First I’ve heard about that. Just an Aussie / NZ release or global?

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