The voodoo that Q do to U2

The November issue of Q Magazine contains a candid interview with U2 about the last ten years, “a troubled era”, of their career. has the interview up in four neat parts. It contains some interesting information. Edge isn’t sure about “The Fly” anymore, Bono thinks a Tom Collins contains vodka, Larry doesn’t think ‘U2”s a very good name for a band (but at least it fits on a t-shirt?) and found the Sarajevo link ups during the Zoo TV tour “excruciating”. Also… Paul McGuinness doesn’t pay his bills. It’s a bloody good read.

Peace be with you

CNN has a little poll up for the Nobel Peace Prize. Who do you think should get it? The choices are Hamid Karzai, Rudolph Giuliani, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Bono. Currently, Bono’s in the lead at 43%, with Karzai a good second at 30%.

Under a what now?

Under a Pale Grey Sky” is the title of Sepultura‘s new live 2CD set, including their hit Roots Bloody Roots. The band is also about to release an EP with a cover of U2’s “Bullet the Blue Sky” and Massive Attack’s “Angel”. Andreas Kisser of Sepultura explained: “We chose the music of U2 because it’s unusual. It’s like a strongly worded letter with a heavy footnote.” (thx Prarit)

Photographer Andrew Macpherson’s website has a number of lovely U2 pictures you probably haven’t seen before, but you will be familiar with his work. Click Music, U2, then click the top left picture and keep on clicking. Check his fashion work for some fab shots of Quentin Crisp impersonating Vivienne Westwood. (thx Kovax)

U2 hungry, simple and on a roll

Q Magazine online quote from an interview with The Edge to appear in this month’s magazine (on sale October 8). He says “We’re on a roll. It’s getting more like the early U2 records. Really simple, stripped-down arrangements.”
The band is quoted to be “hungry for music with life-force” and have recorded tunes recalling Bowie and The Who with “primitive riffs and abrasive garage band rawness”. (thx Dan)

Willie gets Savage

If you’re wondering what U2’s wonderful crew get up to in the off years, look no further. In his most recent journal entry (10.02.02) , ex-Savage Garden lead sinder Darren Hayes mentions Willie Williams: “Anyway.. the reason I was out in the parking lot is because I was searching for the legend that is Willie Williams. […] He is one half of a design team who have become my creative muses in many ways.” [ hat tip: Thomas B.]

“‘S all about the power”

And in our “Duh!” section: A Q magazine poll among music industry executives has deducted Bono’s the “Most Powerful Man in Music“.

Someone should give the boy a medal. Oh! Somebody did: The American Irish Historical Society, in fact, and you can now reserve a table to witness the pinning of the medal on Bono’s manly chest on November 7th at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Which is all very nice, but I’m sure ordering the USA version of the “Deluxe Limited Edition w/ Bonus DVD” of the Best of album interests you more.