Sir Bob Geldof Interview on Q

Sir Bob Geldof was the guest recently on the CBC Radio interview show, Q.

He talked with host Jian Gomeshi about African aid, LiveAid, Live8, his new album, the sudden death of his sister and a brief story about his father and a broken-back Bono hobbling to the pub together.
If you, like me, had never really paid much attention to Sir Bob Geldof other than as Bono’s “African charity buddy” I’d strongly encourage you to watch/listen to the hour long interview.
Link to iTunes podcast video
Something to watch over the Christmas break while you wait for U2 to get back out on the road after opening their presents.

U2log Podcast Episode #005 Now Available

We’re back with another episode of the illustrious U2log podcast!
Click here to jump right to the podcast or read on for a summary of why you might not want to click the link:

In this episode we catch up after a long hiatus from recording and find that Chris and Christopher are a little rusty in the ways of the podcast. But we did manage to chat a bit about the European tour wrapping up, the North American tour kicking off, Christopher’s plans to attend a concert, U2’s appearance on Sat­urday Night Live and Gavin Friday’s birthday bash (that’s the section to listen for the sound of Chris getting fired by Caroline — it’s Gavin’s 50th birthday naturally).

U2log Podcast Episode #004 Now Available

You may not have asked for it, but we’re giving it to you anyway. Episode 004 of the podcast is out and ready for you to give it some love. The claw continues to dominate our conversation as does our tour set list predictions, Bono’s 49th birthday and the relevance of U2. Also, we open up the email bag and read some of your emails that were destined for U2 but landed on our laps.

Check it out here.

P.S. We added a voicemail option where we’d love to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts on the podcast, U2 or your dinner.

U2log Podcast Now Ready for Sampling

With the new album out, the upcoming tour, the possibility of another new album this year and Paul McGuinness single handedly saving the record industry from pirates (*cough*) what you really need is two guys named Christopher telling you their thoughts on what’s going on in the world of U2. has got it’s own podcast,, hosted by myself and Christopher, two guys with faces made for podcasting.

Episode 1 is up and ready for your consumption. It goes best with a pint of your favorite beverage.