U2 Prepping Joshua Tree 20th Anniversary Edition

U2 Joshua Tree

Only 20 years young, U2 are re-releasing The Joshua Tree to celebrate its birthday:

Though the always-exciting format details are still trickling in, we know this: new liner notes abound, and the CD/DVD combo contains five portfolio prints, whatever that might mean. The DVD supposedly sports both film from a July 1987 show at Paris’ Hippodrome and the documentary Outside It’s America, but, again, that’s tentative.

It’s set for release November 20th.

via PitchForkMedia.com

Bono and Oprah With Red iPod

Bono and Oprah with Red iPod nano
Photo courtesy of The Chicago Tribune.

Bono and Oprah, seen here listening to Weird Al’s latest album, are set to announce a bunch of new RED products on tomorrow’s Oprah show including a red iPod nano.

We know most of our u2log.com readers are avid Oprah watchers anyway, but for the few of you that don’t normally tape it here’s your reminder to set your VCRs/TIVOs/Bitorrent trackers.