U2 iPod No More

While the U2 iPod has been discontinued from Apple (get yours while you can!), U2 is featured prominently in the advertising and promotion for Apple’s new video iPod. As well, many of U2’s videos are available for sale, including ‘Original of the Species’ from the forthcoming ‘Live from Chicago’ DVD. You can check out the commercial here.

Bono on the video iPod

Apparently Bono is also an avid iTunes Music store user as he already has a review up of his own album on iTunes new Customer Review feature:

First off, let me just confess right out of the gate that I am a lifelong U2 devotee with a penchant for letting the band’s albums play on repeat for hours and hours.
Paul Hewson

Bono Rocks the Free World with Pearl Jam

So it’s a little late, but better late then never right?

Bono and Eddie Vedder at a Pearl Jam Concert

Bono joined Pearl Jam for Neil Young’s ‘Rockin in the Free World’ in Toronto. He sang a bit and bashed some tambourines around.

“It would be difficult to work harder than that man, keeping us in a free world.” – Eddie Vedder

2 Down, 2 To Go in T.O.

The belly dancer makes a return in Toronto as does Daniel Lanois’ joining in on ‘Bad’ – not sure what the connection is there. The ‘new’ songs (Fast Cars, In a Little While) that were played at the first Toronto concert are dropped and it looks like a return to the standard Vertigo setlist.

Will U2 be in an experimental mood for the 3rd concert – or wait until the 4th show to relax and let loose?

Thanks to flickr user andreakw for the photo

Paris Night 1, C’est fini

After a rough start (malfunctioning turnstiles, gendarmerie required at one gate?) and the screen partly going black during Zoo Station (you didn’t come all this way to watch TV now did you?) the band was in good form for the first of two shows in Paris according to our editors in attendance. U2achtung.com handed out balloons for people to blow up during the declaration animation. Everyone did and the stadium was filled with little white globes, which all went towards the stage.

Préparez pour le deuxième rond!

Freedom For My People

We’re not sure if it’s because we had to wait so long or if it’s, in the words of a fellow u2log editor, further proof of Canada’s burgeoning cultural superiority but either way – Canadian iTunes Music Store (iTMS) users can buy individual tracks from the Complete U2 set, without having to drop $150 on the whole shebang.

More money for beer, eh?

[Update] Looks like someone told on us. It’s now back to the all or nothing arrangement like all the other stores. Hope you got while the getting was good.