What kind of NLOTH fan are you?

If you’ve wondered which NLOTH tracks appeal to which types of U2 fan, check out this chart, derived from last.fm, a music service that tracks the music you play and creates your own music profile, recommending songs from other listeners with similar tastes.

For the Top 50 Fans of each NLOTH track, this chart lists their aggregated top 11 U2 tracks.

Because the data is limited to the top 50 fans, there’s quite a bit of distortion, and last.fm likely skews to younger fans. But who would have thought that The Ground Beneath Her Feet would feature?


7 days to bring U2 to Mexico

7days.jpg7 Dias, a new Mexican film, is about Claudio, a U2 fan caught cheating the Mafia out of half a million dollars to get the band to play in Monterrey, Mexico. His life is spared when the son of the mafia boss, also a U2 fan, convinces his father to grant Claudio a period of 7 days grace.

U2 are thanked on the web site: “We could never thank enough U2 for making this miracle happen for 7 Dias.”

Release dates: Mexico 30 September 2005, USA 4 November 2005

Scriva Las Vegas

Variety (reg. req.) reports that Barry Devlin is developing a feature film with Bono.

A Version of Las Vegas is a “comedy-drama about an Irish musician who moved to Vegas with his showband in the 1960s, and is tracked down in the present day by the son he abandoned in Ireland.”

Originally the lead singer of Horslips, Barry Devlin then turned his hand to directing documentaries and music videos, many for U2, before becoming a writer.

Follow the Buffalo

A new Best-Of screensaver is available for your downloading pleasure at u2.com: “Listen to Electrical Storm, watch those buffaloes move and check highlights of all the tracks from the new ‘Best Of’ which are being previewed on the site.”