Thomas and Trabbie put up more Brit stuff at Watch the intro, best international group, One, Beautiful Day and Until the End of the World in real video.


One of U2’s classiest covers can be downloaded for free from Cole Porter’s Night and Day.

Alternatively, buy the great Red Hot and Blue album this song was featured on.

Or start shopping in the new shop. Which, thank heavens, is outside their main frameset. (It would be nice if they set up a European branch… so we don’t have to pay $15.00 on top of a 12.99 t-shirt. We ordered… but had to cancel. We’ll make an exception if they release Unforgettable Fire t-shirts…)

Full version of Beautiful Day

We’ve just heard the rumour that the full version of Beautiful Day can now be downloaded from Napster.

Being the nosy type of blog, we dug in and searched and downloaded and downloaded. However, we have only been able to find fakes. Mostly copies of ‘One’ renamed.

Can’t say we didn’t try, but we are beginning to believe we’ve been had.