Catherine Owens makes 3D work for U2 concert film interviews U2 3D director Catherine Owens who says:

“It was a very definite decision to shoot in South America. Bono felt that the South American audience had a passion that matched his Irish passion. They felt they would get a result that they wouldn’t get in other places.”

So there you have it, fans, the South Americans and the Irish are kindred spirits. What are the Italians going to think of that? (‘la gente italiana e quella irlandese hanno lo spirito vicino’ – Bono, 1985.)

More important than U2’s special relationship with their fans, however is the bond between the band members themselves:

“They have a very strong relationship. They have their own language on stage and so the only direction was that they should be a little more conscious of their own language between the groups, which they already had on stage. Some of the other cuts you will see in the final film are really incredible. There are moments between them that are very physical and tender. They are four people together for so long, who are like family – you want to kill them, you love them – so there is that kind of tenderness between them.”


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The Edge is Lunson’s man at Sundance

The Edge is heading to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, to support Lian Lunson as she premieres her film Leonard Cohen I’m Your Man to an American audience. In her film blog, Lunson writes:

U2 have been so supportive of this project and their participation in the film is beautiful. All the performers are incredible, such a great array of talent.