Shadow Play: The Making of Anton Corbijn

“Choosing the kind of lie you want to tell is actually the creative art of photography. And there are few better and more interesting liars than Anton.” – Brian Eno

Bono, Michael Stipe, Brandon Flowers, Gavin Friday, Guggi, Dave Gahan and others tell the story of Anton Corbijn, “the ultimate insider who now finds himself outside the Hollywood system” in Shadow Play: The Making of Anton Corbijn, a documentary by Josh Whiteman now making the rounds on the festival circuit.

Anton Corbijn is currently working on his second feature film, a thrilller starring George Clooney based on the novel A Very Private Gentleman. He is also making a new photo/lyrics book with Tom Waits.

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Details of U2 and Anton Corbijn’s film “Linear” revealed

U2 has released details on Anton Corbijn’s film Linear, starring French actor Said Taghmaoui (Three Kings, Lost), which accompanies the album No Line on the Horizon. Linear’s credits are available from and include the running order of the songs as featured in the film.

06. FEZ-Being Born

Corbijn reveals:

“As U2 never do anything in half measures, the record that emerged from the studio in late December 2008 was a very different one than the one I’d made images for. Not only had the running order changed, now there were completely new songs on the record while another song had gone, new lyrics without the characters had emerged, and different sounds dominated the songs I had worked on. Disaster!”

If you buy the hardback book box format, magazine format or digipack format of No Line On The Horizon, you will be able to access and download the film from the website by entering your details, and unlocking the download by entering the cd into your computer’s dvd/cd-drive.

Stills from the movie can be found on

U2 releases details of their new album ‘No Line on the Horizon’

No Line on the Horizon

U2 have uncovered the sleeve, tracklisting and formats of their new album ‘No Line on the Horizon’ and the single ‘Get On Your Boots’ on their official website.

‘Get On Your Boots’ will be released as a digital download on February 15th and a physical format will follow on February 16th.

The statement on the website continues:

“Produced by Brian Eno, Danny Lanois and Steve Lillywhite, sessions for No Line On The Horizon began in Fez, Morocco, and continued at the band’s Dublin studio, New York’s Platinum Sound Recording Studios, and London’s Olympic Studios.

Released on March 2nd (March 3rd in the US), the album will come in a standard format with 24 page booklet and in digipak format. The digipak includes an extended booklet and the album’s companion film “Linear” by Anton Corbijn. A limited edition 64 page magazine will also be available, featuring the band in conversation with artist Catherine Owens, and new Anton Corbijn photographs. No Line On The Horizon will be released on 180gm vinyl. (More on the formats below)

The album cover artwork is an image of the sea meeting the sky by Japanese artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto.”

Here’s the full track listing:

1. No Line On The Horizon
2. Magnificent
3. Moment of Surrender
4. Unknown Caller
5. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight
6. Get On Your Boots
7. Stand Up Comedy
8. Fez – Being Born
9. White As Snow
10. Breathe
11. Cedars Of Lebanon

No Line On The Horizon will be available in five formats;

  • Standard jewel case – with album CD and 24 page booklet (Amazon)
  • Digipak format – limited edition with album CD, 32 page colour booklet and fold out poster. Features access to exclusive downloadable Anton Corbijn film. (Amazon)
  • Magazine format – limited edition with album CD, with 64 page magazine. Features access to exclusive downloadable Anton Corbijn film. (Amazon)
  • Box format – limited edition bespoke box containing digipak format album CD, DVD of Anton Corbijn’s exclusive film, 64 page hardback book, plus a fold out poster. (Amazon)
  • LP vinyl – limited edition with 2 black vinyl discs, gatefold sleeve, and a 16 page booklet. (Amazon)

Radio release

Not mentioned in U2’s press release is the single’s radio premiere, which will take place this Monday (January 19th) at 8.10am GMT on The Colm & Jim-Jim Show on RTÉ 2fm, in Ireland. Dave Fanning will play the new single and he will be talking to Colm and Jim-Jim from 7.30am about ‘previous U2 albums, his relationship with the band and memories of one of the greatest bands in the world today’. You can listen to the show online on has details on radio premieres in various European countries.

Manchester 1 – 0 Dublin

From the excellent documentary ‘Factory – Manchester from Joy Division to Happy Mondays‘:

Reminiscing, New Order’s Hooky says: “Our record went down every single time we appeared on Top of the Pops, because we sounded so bad. I think we actually kept very much to our punk ethics. Right the way through New Order, you know, our attitude was very punky and Factory’s was as well, which was what was great about it.”

DJ Mark Pickering adds: “I remember Bono coming over to Rob (Gretton, Joy Division’s manager).: Bono came over and went: “I really, really respect you for doing that. I really wish we would have done that.” And Rob just turned around and pushed his glasses up and went: “Why the fuck didn’t you then?”

For more Factory and Joy Division, don’t miss Anton Corbijn’s moving film ‘Control‘.

Bono and Edge attend Corbijn exhibition opening

Bono and Edge were among the famous faces who appeared at the opening reception for Anton Corbijn’s U2&I exhibition at the Stellan Holm Gallery in New York City this evening (Oct. 9). The exhibition drew not only celebrities, including Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth, Michael Stipe, Dave Gahan, and Gina Gershon, but also a slew of U2 fans, who were eager to see the famous photos of the megaband and talk to the photographer who took them.

Six of the photographs on exhibition are available to purchase as lithographs from the gallery at a price equivalent to approximately 84 U2 general admission tickets (figure that one out!). The exhibition runs until Saturday, October 15 (10 to 6 pm).


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