Bono tells “It’s a lot of bowls, really.”

Imagine a cold London night. See The Edge hovering near Bono’s shoulder. Spot the ‘talented mates’ Guggi and Gavin sitting down in the gutter, sipping champagne. Elsewhere, watch Paul McGuinness opening the boot of his car, pulling out a black bag to treat Howie B to a copy of U2’s new album… co-founder Ben Hopkinson talks to Bono at the Osborne Samuel gallery in London on Wednesday night:

Ben: “You made a speech about Guggi’s paintings tonight, can you give us a quote?”

Bono: “It’s a lot of bowls, really…” (laughs)

Ben: “You must be proud to have so many talented mates.”

Bono: “I don’t really understand, you know, what was going on with the water on Cedarwood Road. But I think the three of us, Gavin Friday, myself and Guggi, all had… interesting fathers. I think that was something to do with it — I guess, something to rebel against. Something I hope not to offer my daughter…” (laughs)

So there we have it. Dublin water and Irish fathers are to blame for the unholy trinity, Messrs Friday, Gugs and Bono. Let’s drink to that.

Bono’s stolen briefcase returned after 23 years

Readers should know something about We are damn good at being discreet. Almost a year ago, one of’s editors was contacted by Danielle Rheaume from Olympia, Washington (now a Vancouver resident), who claimed a friend of hers, Cindy Harris, had found some “interesting U2 material” in the attic of her Tacoma home. Harris had found the material when she and her husband purchased the home many years earlier and had forgotten about it. Last year, however, Harris brought up her discovery in a conversation with her friend Rheaume, who is a U2 fan.

When Rheaume heard what her friend had in her attic, she was astonished because she recognized exactly what it was: the contents of Bono’s briefcase that had been stolen 23 years earlier in Portland.

The saga of the stolen briefcase is well known within U2 fan circles. It contained lyrics for U2’s second album ‘October’, and disappeared when U2 played a club in Portland in 1981. The theft influenced the making of the U2’s crucial second album, as Bono had to rewrite from scratch. Over the years, Bono’s briefcase has become the Holy Grail of U2 mythology. Only recently a reader commented how finding it would be ‘quite the story’.

This is the story. Rheaume contacted to help her and her friend get in touch with U2’s management so the two could return the material to Bono in person. Knowing that anyone would find their claim unbelievable, we asked for photographic evidence to provide to U2’s management and received the photos that are published with this report.

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Plastic Promo Band

The wait is over! The resounding worldwide success (including an unlikely appearance at of Promo Bono (Built: Zero; Distributed: Zero; Profit: 0.00) prompted the engineers in U2log Toys’ workshop to complete the roll call. For a purely limited time we bring you the remaining promo dolls.*

*Availability questionable and quality not assured.