Son of Promo Bono

You bought him in 2000, you forked out in 2005, now it’s time to dip in your credit crunched pockets again. Fresh from our toy-factory in the People’s Republic of Tallaght, we present to you our latest 12-inch action figure: EMO BONO!

Go on, click him, you know you want to!

EMO BONO has a fully articulated body with 30+ points of articulation. Authentic likeness of the Irish frontman of U2, dressed in trademark slimming black undershirt, black leather jacket, black pants. EMO BONO wears black 2-inch-creepers for that extra ‘elevation’.

Comes with two interchangeable sunglasses, a working (RED) credit card, a replica green Gretsch guitar, and water-soluble liquid eyeliner in two colours: black and blue. Make him up as you go along!

EMO BONO is available from for only $9,99.
Special discount for members, just $12,99!

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