Video: U2 arriving in Somerville, MA

U2 are playing a promo gig in Somerville, Ma tonight, as part of their “3 nights live” radio event. If you want to listen to this show online, try CBS Boston’s Mix 985 (link to stream), or San Diego’s 91X. Time: 9-10pm Eastern, 8-9pm Central, 7-8pm Mountain, 6-7pm Pacific. That’s 1-2am GMT. And bedtime for us.

“‘Bono, you rock”. U2 arrive in Somerville, MA, for their Boston promo gig and interview. (Via

Reporter asks Adam if he’ll have “a pint in Boston”. Adam gracefully replies: “Not before the show”.

The Edge receives honorary degree from Boston’s Berklee College

The Edge received an honorary doctor of music degree from Berklee College of Music at their 2007 Commencement in Boston on Saturday.

The Edge told Berklee’s graduating class:

“The thing I want to say is collaborate. Collaborating with talented people is not easy, but it’s the way to really shine – you shine brighter if you are working with really great people. The important thing in the end is not that you are proved right every time, the important thing is that the music is the best that it can be. I want to wish you all that you would find your own voice. But if you are so disposed that you would find collaborators to work with, that you would shine as you could never shine on your own.”

Berklee also awarded honorary degrees to Gloria and Emilio Estefan and the late Andrew Hill or their achievements in contemporary music, their enduring contributions to popular culture and for the influence their careers and music have had over Berklee’s student body. In previous years recipients included Duke Ellington, David Bowie, Count Basie, Billie Joel and Quincy Jones.

New searchable Windows in the Skies video

Remember the all star Window in the skies promo? We had a go at listing all the artists featured in it, but for a definitive answer you can now find out from the video’s creators, Boston’s Modernista agency, themselves. have posted (subscribers only) a version of the Windows in the Skies video that is searchable on subtitles and lyrics. This way you can search on performer and be taken to his or hers cameo in the clip, or type in part of the lyric and be shown the artist that goes with it. Cool!


You’ll also see this searchable version is different from the one we posted about back when it was first released. It’s got different Bowie footage.

Merry Christmas, Boston!

Tonight’s show in Boston had U2 feeling a little ho-ho-ho, and it was all Santa’s doing. Early in the show, Bono spotted a fan dressed as Santa Claus, which inspired the U2 frontman to sing a snippet of “Baby Please Come Home” during “Beautiful Day,” shout out Christmas caroles and messages (Jingle bells, war is over), and then tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas: 5 million people to sign up for the One campaign, a fire truck, more time to spend with his children, and for The Edge to get a train set.

Santa was later pulled on stage, as was Elvis, during “Mysterious Way.” The strange trio — the U2 singer being the strangest one of them all — danced around the ellipse while wishing the audience “Merry Christmas.”