Well alright, AWF Auctioning Signed U2 LP

The African Well Fund is launching its second Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday auction, this time a “The Joshua Tree” LP signed by Bono, Adam Clayton and The Edge is up for bid. The auction will take place on AWF’s eBay page from Sunday, March 22, World Water Day, through Wednesday, March 25. Bidding will start at $70 to coincide with the “70 Days to Change the World” Bono’s Birthday Well theme.


The LP was donated by a U2 fan who got Edge’s signature in New York on March 6 when U2 played Fordham University for “Good Morning America,” and Bono’s and Adam’s signatures when U2 was in Los Angeles on March 9 for the first night of the “U2 3 Nights Live” radio broadcasts.

“At first, I had no intentions of donating my autographs,” the donor said. “I am a huge U2 fan, so to have a Grammy-award-winning album signed by three members of the band was the ultimate treasure. But I kept feeling God tug at my heart and he led me to the scripture in Matthew 6:19 about not storing treasures on earth. I believe that when God blesses us beyond our needs, those additional blessings are for the purpose of meeting the needs of others.

“A friend sent me the link to the African Well Fund auction of U2’s ‘Under a Blood Red Sky’ CD and that’s when God prompted me to donate my ‘Joshua Tree’ album to help build a well for Bono’s birthday,” the donor continued.

The closing bid for the “Under a Blood Red Sky” deluxe CD/DVD reissue signed by Bono, Clayton and The Edge was $449. AWF volunteer Ayesha Marcel got the CD/DVD autographed by the three U2 members.

“I was thrilled to see that the auction was so successful, especially during these difficult economic times,” Marcel said. “Many thanks to everyone who bid on the reissue and to the winner: your generosity will go a long way toward helping the AWF fund a water project in Liberia, so cheers to you.”

Proceeds from both auctions will benefit Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday projects in Liberia. Learn more about the fundraiser.