U2 auction – Do you take cash for that?

{ Lot #116 U2 Stylist’s Measurement Book }
Former U2 stylist Lola Cashman is putting some U2 items up for auction on the music collectibles and memorabilia site gottahaverockandroll.com. U2 sued Cashman in 2006, claiming she acquired some items – including the infamous Stetson hat – without the band’s permission.
The auction includes Bono’s rosary beads, a bible signed by Larry Mullen (‘with real love’) as well as the drummer’s signed, worn sneakers. (Eeew.) Most fun though is the inclusion of the stylist’s ‘measurement’ book, which is sure to raise a smile as well as a few bucks ($800). You can flip through some of the pages on the auction site.
Now what we’d like to know is… who would pay 1,200 dollars for a signed, crumpled copy of Rolling Stone magazine?
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