Guess the title of U2’s upcoming tour

Live on French radio station NRJ on Monday night, U2 were asked what the title of their upcoming tour will be. Bono replied – excusez his French:

“It’s something to do with kissing the future and fucking the past…”

Can you guess the title?

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U2 rock Cannes

Bono in mid-flight (Reuters photo)

Filmgoers in Cannes, France, were treated to a two-song performance by U2 at the Cannes Film Festival tonight. The band attended the festival to premiere their new 3-D concert film “U2 3D.”

U2 delighted the crowd with performances of “Vertigo” and “Where the Streets Have No Name” on the red carpet of the festival hall before attending the late-night screening of their film with director Catherine Owens.

That’s U2 in the Corner

U2 have filmed a clip for their upcoming single Window in the skies, at a venue called The Corner in Richmond, Victoria.


The Corner is ‘one of Melbourne’s most popular and respected medium-sized rock venues, famed for its excellent beer garden.’ Cheers, lads.

Our intrepid reporter Rosco was on scene and writes the following:

Basically they were just filming a video for Window in the skies. There was a large film crew set up with trucks equipment etc everywhere. Also a large rent-a-crowd that were allowed inside for the shoot. Apparently they all got in through casting agencies, so I’m sure not many of ’em actually knew U2’s music. They were all really really really good looking.

You could hear the song being played a number of times with the crowd screaming a cheering and singing along. At about 7pm the band eventually came out said hi, signed a few autographs and left.

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  • Instant Karma for NYC

    Instant Karma’s gonna get you
    Gonna knock you off your feet

    U2 knocked the audience at Madison Square Garden off its feet this evening (Nov. 21) by performing a full version of John Lennon’s “Instant Karma” with Patti Smith, who opened the show. Bono introduced the song by saying the band wanted to do “something special for New York City.”

    The Lennon tune was followed by the show’s final song, “Bad,” for which Bono led the crowd to sing “People Have the Power” by Smith.

    Rare copies of Virgin Prunes book surface

    We’ve managed to get our hands on a number of (unused, but a little worn with age) copies of the 1985 Virgin Prunes book ‘The Faculties of a Broken Heart‘ by Swiss author Rolf Vasellari. U2 content is limited: a few mentions and a drawing/painting, plus handwritten lyrics by Bono, but the book provides an interesting views on Dublin’s most outrageous sons in words and images. Contains many unique pictures of Gavin, Guggi and all the other members of the group, as well as interviews with – mainly – Gavin. Fans interested in ordering details should get in touch through our contact page. And from the attic of Mr Friday’s abode, we’ve also rescued a bunch of limited edition Gavin Friday ‘bleeding heart’ t-shirts if you’d like to stand out in the crowd…

    Bono, The Edge review their opening gig on 2FM

    RTE 2FM’s Gerry Ryan spoke to Bono, The Edge and Paul McGuinness shortly after the band got off stage in San Diego. U2’s manager was scheduled to speak to the Irish DJ, but Bono and The Edge weren’t. When they heard McGuinness was about to do the interview they told their manager ‘we want to talk to Gerry’.

    RTE have put the entire interview online. Listen to it in Real Audio, or continue reading. (Unable to record we interpreted our notes taken during the interview.)

    McGuinness took the call, said it was their ‘best ever opening night’ then started to laugh because ‘a half naked man’ had entered his room. Bono took the phone and said that for Gerry Ryan he would go fully ‘nekkid’.

    Bono seemed high on energy, a bit delirious, said it had gone ‘fantastic’. He gave a report in a Jack Charlton accent, using football jargon as if he were reporting on an Irish team game, something like ‘the team gave 110%’.

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    The drummer talks

    Larry Mullen guest presented Irish designer Lainey Keogh’s collection at the Brown Thomas Fashion Show in Dublin last night.

    Many eyebrows were raised when, asked by host Cat Deely what U2 were up to, Larry answered – live on Irish television: “Same shit, different decade”. He seemed embarrassed at the crowd’s response.

    Larry continued to reveal he had not been invited to the Golden Globe Award show.

    The male celeb models, including The Edge were led by Gavin Friday, who walked down the stage to the end of the catwalk, unzipped his pants and kneeled as a 6ft inflatable spire, with red light on top popped up from between his legs. Edge exuded cool, while Guggi finished the set with his 5 sons – including toddler in pram.