Larry’s IOL diary

Inspired by Bono’s AOL diary, Irish internet provider IOL has asked drummer Larry Mullen to do the same for their customers. The first entry has yet to appear on the IOL website, but has managed to acquire a copy:

“Dear Diary, ‘t was a beautiful day. Polished da Harley. Did a foine job too, if I say so meself. Taught da kids to leave their da alone when he’s watching da match. Our Bono’s been away on some speaking tour in America. Thank fuck, at last some peace and quiet around here without da little bollix. Getting a bit thirsty what with all the writin’. Think there’s some lager left in the fridge. Not used to da bleedin’ Euro yet, must watch daily expenses.
PS. I dreamt about a mermaid by the name of Sam last night. Didn’t know my drum tech had fins.”