Bono’s ‘Bullshit Detectors’

‘Bono used to borrow my records. When I’d get them back the sleeves would be full of stains.’

Gavin Friday and Guggi are featured in the June 7 issue of Belgian newspaper De Standaard (who also report on Bono’s meeting with EU big wig Louis Michel). Bono’s two ‘best mates’ talked to the paper in Brussels in October, while promoting the re-release of the Virgin Prunes back catalogue on Mute Records.

The two (when Bono’s present, the trio are known as ‘The Funky Trinity’) discuss the miracle of their lasting friendship and success, and their roll as ‘bullshit detectors’: trying to keep their friend’s feet firmly on the ground. Both Gavin and Guggi emphasise the fact that their lives are interwoven with that of U2, even now.

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