U2 360 Barcelona July 2, 2009

Also known as: Who are you and what have you done with our band?

(Electrical Storm, courtesy U2006com)

U2 play their second night of the 360 tour in Barcelona. There were fewer people in the queue (perhaps people couldn’t face another day of 30 degrees celcius) and getting into the FOS-area (front of stage) was easier. In the afternoon the band soundchecked, including Electrical Storm and both the remix and album versions of Crazy Tonight. U2tour.de reports that 30 minutes before the show there is no sight of Bono’s monitor, which he would need for another ISS uplink.

It quickly becomes apparent U2 have come to KILL. Surprise after surprise emerges from the stage: Desire, Party Girl and the big fan favourite ‘Electrical Storm’ sees its live debut. Then they really put the crazy in Crazy Tonight, playing *BOTH* the remix and the album version. The album version, which came during the second encore, was filmed. Perhaps a video for its single release.


  1. Breathe [ Video ]
  2. No Line on the Horizon
  3. Get on your boots [ Video ]
  4. Magnificent
  5. Beautiful Day (snippet: Here comes the sun)
  6. I Still Haven’t Found what I’m looking for (snippet: Moving on up) [ Video ]
  7. Desire (snippets: Billie Jean and Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough) [ Video ]
  8. Party Girl (Girl on stage carries Bono around!) [ Video // download audio]
  9. Electrical Storm [ Video // Alternate // Alternate II]
  10. Unknown Caller
  11. The Unforgettable Fire [ Video ]
  12. City of Blinding Lights
  13. Vertigo [ Video ]
  14. I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight (remix version) [ Video ]
  15. Sunday Bloody Sunday [ Video // Alternate ]
  16. Pride
  17. MLK
  18. Walk On (snippet: You’ll never walk alone)
  19. Where the streets have no name [ Video // Alternate ]
  20. One [ Video ]
  21. Ultra Violet (Light my way) [ Video ]
  22. With or Without you [ Video ]
  23. I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight (album version) [ Video ]
  24. Moment of Surrender

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