100,000 Catalonian fans sing Happy Birthday to The Edge

Clad in a red FC Barcelona shirt given to him by Bono during Party Girl, The Edge finished U2’s show at Barcelona’s Nou Camp shortly after midnight… making it his birthday. Earlier during the show, 100,000 ecstatic Catalonian fans had sung Happy Birthday to him and released 17.000 red balloons in his honour. (OK, so maybe 100,000 fans is an exaggeration, but it looked like more than 80,000.)

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Iconographer – Neil McCormick Spills the Beans

The hype surrounding I Was Bono’s Doppleganger by Neil McCormick is no surprise. With remarkable anecdotes about U2’s earliest days, it is essential reading for any U2 fan and a fascinating account of making it (or not) in the music business. Moreover, it shines out as one of the most candid memoirs one could hope to read–an incisive meditation on the lure of fame.

U2log.com’s Jack A was lucky enough to visit the doppelg䮧er in his London lair and get the inside line.

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