That’s U2 in the Corner

U2 have filmed a clip for their upcoming single Window in the skies, at a venue called The Corner in Richmond, Victoria.


The Corner is ‘one of Melbourne’s most popular and respected medium-sized rock venues, famed for its excellent beer garden.’ Cheers, lads.

Our intrepid reporter Rosco was on scene and writes the following:

Basically they were just filming a video for Window in the skies. There was a large film crew set up with trucks equipment etc everywhere. Also a large rent-a-crowd that were allowed inside for the shoot. Apparently they all got in through casting agencies, so I’m sure not many of ’em actually knew U2’s music. They were all really really really good looking.

You could hear the song being played a number of times with the crowd screaming a cheering and singing along. At about 7pm the band eventually came out said hi, signed a few autographs and left.

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