Rolling Stone: “U2’s Five Star Masterpiece”


The review’s not online yet, but the March 5 issue of music magazine Rolling Stone awards U2’s New Line on the Horizon no less that five stars. The cover of the issue says “U2’s Five Star Masterpiece”.
(via M2)

Update: review now available on

“No Line on the Horizon is closer to the transitional risks — the Irish-gothic spell of 1984’s The Unforgettable Fire, the techno-rock jet lag of 1993’s Zooropa — but with a consistent persuasion in the guitar hooks, rhythms and vocal lines.”

NLOTH has also managed to win back the heart of Irish journalist John Waters (Author of ‘U2 – Race of Angels’), prone to contemplating the band within its Irish context. In the Irish Times he writes — while Ireland suffers its worst recession since the 70’s — “If, as we have previously noted, music is prophetic as to the drift of wider reality, then this album may be the most hopeful thing you will hear all year.” You can read the rest of John Waters’ thoughtful piece on