Fluxblog sees Kanye West and U2 in St Louis

Fluxblog’s Matthew travels to Missouri to see the band in concert at the Savvis Center in St. Louis. He reviews both the opening act and U2, and touches on the political implications of the current ‘heart of darkness’ part of the band’s set. There are some good reactions in the comments.

“Love and Peace Or Else” was far better in St. Louis than in the 10/8/2005 MSG set, as was the rest of the so-called ‘heart of darkness’ mini-set that also includes “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “Bullet The Blue Sky.” Though I quite enjoy “Love and Peace,” this is by far the weakest part of the Vertigo tour – for one thing, these three songs in a row feels more than a little redundant on a musical level, but more than that, there are very troubling political implications in the repurposing of the latter two songs…”

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